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to start with hans? no. we're going to start with doug johnson from m.t.c. who has been our partner in facilitating this occasion and, doug, would you please come over and say you're welcoming remarks. >> sure. >> in the interesting of being heard, i hate to stand between you and someone named hans but i will do it nonetheless. delay may also give the supervisor a chance to catch up with us. my name is doug johnson. i'm a senior planner at the metropolitan transportation commission overseeing our programs in land use and social equity. i'm also very fortunate to be a member of the transatlantic cities network, which is a project of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of,
at weather now, there's a threat of some rain over the weekend. a storm, perhaps. doug cameron is going to tell us when that might happen. >> well, jim, we have a lot going on over the next couple of days. summer-like conditions tomorrow. and then fall moves in very, very quickly. kind of a battle of the seasons happening just in time for the weekend. out there right now, 69 degrees. winds out of the south at about 8 miles per hour. right now, 71 in annapolis. much warmer than we've been over the last couple of days. that southerly flow will allow for some of these showers and storms to move towards our region. we will see a chance for some severe weather tomorrow. but that's not the only thing that we're talking about. we'll talk about it in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. tonight, we're hearing what happened during an emergency landing on a plane carrying mitt romney's wife, ann. a press secretary tweeted a photo. ann romney and staffers were flying from omaha to los angeles when the cabin started filling up with smoke. the cause? an electrical fire. >> we'd like to be effective in
summer out there. >> hey, doug kammerer knew where to be. he's outside where it's perfect weather for a ball game. while the sun's still out, doug. >> reporter: it is absolutely amazing out here right now. everybody that's going by to the nats game, just talking about how great the weather is out here tonight. of course, it is going to be a great night for the game. come on down. they need your support down here tonight. hopefully they will be able to clinch a play-off spot. currently 74 degrees right now, with winds out of the south at about 74 -- or about 7 miles per hour. beautiful conditions. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. temperatures 73 right now in gaithersburg, 73 back to the west in martinsburg and culpepper coming in at 75 degrees. what are we expecting through the rest of the night? southeast d.c., along the river, right along nats park, temperatures falling down into the 60s. by 11:00. 65 degrees. 59 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning in the city. many of you will be in the upper 40s. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. then a couple of things to talk about,
grants worth $570 million. we'll hear industry's viewpoint from doug williams, a member of the leadership team of a company that discovered and markets drugs for put cal schoar rows and -- multiple sclerosis and cancer. for an insider's perspective on congress' tick, we are joined by mike. i want to start with you. when you were in congress, you pushed for the n.i.h. budget doubling. you convinced newt gingrich this was a good idea to do. congress did it but after they finished doing it, they kind of took their eye off the ball and inflation adjusted terms, n.i.h. funding has gone down, has declined substantially since then. what happened? >> first i don't think -- i don't take credit for pushing newt beginning rich to do -- gingrich to do anything. you don't push gingrich. i think there was a period of time after all was completed with doubling the budget, you know, ten or so years ago, that the members of congress basically said hey, we doubled their budget. therefore, we're not going to give them as much in the next few years as we did then. i think that's continued. i think there is a
.l. hughley. [applause] 2012. we're pleased to be joined by an old c-span fav, doug brink lee, whose most recent book is this, cronkite. one word. doug brinkley, if you had to describe walter cronkite's youluence in america, howould >> doug brinkley his book is cronkite. one word. of view had to describe walter cronkite influence in america how would you do it 20 words or less? >> most trustedam man inat america he wore the moniker well but he carried c the country through things likery t mercury and gemini and apollo missions and ourd t voice througheh the t hecivil-rights movement in theax vietnam war, and nixonhe bir of resignation and also brought some got together to the camp david peace accord. the big three are at edwardworl' r. murrow and walterbout a tho cronkite. >> host: how did he get to be that guy? >> he was good with the wire service and united press your stories are given 1,000 words. there cannot be a lot of bad firms are adjectives it was perfect for television with only a half hour broadcast. a precrating has to be tight. he was very precise. >> host: was he political?o
way. doug is tracking the conditions from storm center 4. >> first tonight, there is shock and sadness after a family of four was found dead inside their homes. >> police won't reveal how they died but the news is spreading. richard jordon is live with the latest on the investigation. richard? >> late tonight the medical examiner's office began removing the bodies of the family members out of their home to determine exactly how they were killed. police say there was not a threat to the community. the danger here was within the walls of that house. fairfax county police work into the night. detectives were at a home where a family of four was found dead. another family shared a tender moment. alex was held tightly by his mother. the two stood outside the house the teen had visited many times to see his friend. >> they would always invite me to their like house. and they were like always so nice to me. >> reporter: the neighbors stunned. the dispair and disbelief clearly on their faces. those who lived nearby called the family a fixture after 28 years in the community. the husband and fa
by winning the state of ohio. >> it seems, doug, each has planned their strategy in terms of where to campaign very carefully and the dnc will have their chance to have the stage this week. what does president obama need to do in terms of specifics, because at the rnc, governor romney and congressman ryan, they were very specific about 12 million jobs and what they'll do to turn the economy around and who they are, as human beings and as americans. >> well, jamie, you raised exactly the right question, bottom line, the president needs to outline his vision and his agenda, for the second term, and he's been noticeably silent on that, and while his record is one that's tough to defend, i would dare say that he's not really told us other than offering some class-based solutions around taxes, what he intends to do, how he intends to create jobs, how he intends to revitalize the economy. and angela gave you a hint as to something we are going to hear. i think the obama campaign will disagree with her assertion that things were better when mccainen rah against obama and i think obama wil
is next with doug mcelway. it starts now. >> do we want the craitdz-to-grave life of julia obamacare, we'll take care of you from preschool to death america? or do we want a return to... you know, opportunity, liberty, freedom. >> middle class families as a result of the promises that mitt romney has made, will have their dax taxes go up and taxes will go down for people like him. >> massachusetts governor mitt romney will hit the first of several battleground states today, starting in colorado tonight, ramping up the emphasis on the swing states and the all-important dedate baits, the first of which is 10 day, way. we begin america's news headquarters with campaign carl cameron. last week has been described, according to the mainstream narrative, as mitt romney's roughest week of the entire campaign. what is he going to do to fix that, if anything? >> well, push through. one of the things that the romney campaign has been criticized and praised for is its discipline in adversity. have you to face tough times and get back off the schmatte keep running. that's what the mitt romney campaig
to close since it hit last year. >>> there's a chance of more rain this weekend. doug kammerer joins us. >>> a very warm and humid atmosphere, so this is what we have seen today, a lot of areas with a lot of rain. this is or the last 12 hours, a lot of rain through northern virginia, some locations into southern fairfax county, 1 to 2 inches of rain. 3.6, and out there towards the southern portions of maryland, nearly 2 inches. now, this is all moving out. we continue to see that rain moving out in behind me. it is going to be on the warm side. we'll talk about another chance for not only storms, but severe weather for the weekend. i'll break it down for you and show you when, coming up. >>> a tragedy, a d.c. mother will have to live -- the woman took her 3-year-old son and put them into bed with her. the woman says she fell asleep and rolled over onto the baby. emergency crews rushed the newborn to the hospital, but the baby died. >>> the man who brought the ravens to baltimore and was a key insider in the national football league, died this morning. art modell was 87. modell was belou
meteorologist doug kammerer joins us live. >> we saw a lot of rain out there a bit earlier this morning, definitely more rain than i predicted during the day yesterday, but at least now we're starting to finally dry out and starting to see some sunshine out there, but still a few showers to look at. take a look at our current temperature, 84 degrees with a heat index of 88, another very warm and humid afternoon. as we look toward the radars pictu picture, i want to show you this, once again we're talking about the rain coming through the air. that calm through earlier this this morning, and when it did, it came down very, very hard. in parts of the area especially south of washington. some areas 2 to even 3 inches of rain here. now just a couple showers remaining. parts of montgomery county up to about 0.2 of an inch, but 1.2 down around the ft. belvoir area, in the southern portions of fairfax county, culpepper and southern fauquier county, 3.6 inches, and close to 2 inches in spot in the st. mary's county. now the only area of rain just north of 270 right around lateensville, so we're
, it's going to be a rainy night ahead. storm team 4 meetologist doug kammerer joins us now with the very latest. >> you can see out there right now we're looking at temperatures around 84 degrees. that heat index, though, around 90. very warm and very humid conditions. that's exactly what we're going to be seeing through the rest of the night. look at the winds. out of the south at about 15 mimes per hour right now. here's the current radar. notice not a whole lot going on. we just have a few isolated showers around. most of these are not on the heavy side. so that is some good news. i think for the evening, the rest of the evening we're looking good. for the nats game no problems there. maybe a quick shower. that's about it. as we widen out notice this rain down here towards the roanoke area. this st a little wave here that's going to ride up i-81 and towards our area throughout the rest of the evening hours and into the overnight. could be talking about heavy rain overnight. a better chance for heavy rain during the day tomorrow. we'll talk about that, how much rain we ma
meteorologist doug kammerkammerer here with t honest is getting the rain. doug? >> the areas up to the north and east, philadelphia, down to the to the south, as jim mentioned, parts of the carolinas. for us, 83 out there we have doned a little bit of a bullet out there on this labor day. heat index, 88, a very humid afternoon. going to continue to see that humidity up there the next couple of days. >> here is temperatures, 79, win chester, 80 in la plata, 77 in easton. where is the rain right now? most of the rain up toward baltimore, they have been dealing with flooding and flood warnings in that area. delmarva hit very, very hard. also some rain farther down to the south. as we widen out here hurricane the remnants of isaac making its presence felt all across the mid-atlantic and ohio river valley. look at all of this rain down to the south and west, all of that this going to try to push through our area overnight tonight into date tomorrow and then again into the day on wednesday. we have the potential to see a lot of rain the next couple of days, get out those umbrellas a lot of kids st
carolina, and we may see more rain around here. >>> doug kammerer is here with a look at conditions. >> hi, doreen. some pretty nice conditions out there right now. it's a fairly nice evening across the area. take a look at the radar. this is in southern portion, there's also a bit of a boundary right in here through northern delaware. that boundary does extend to the west. the only one right now is this one down to the south of warrenton. this is right around the remington area, and then 15 back towards culpepper, very heavy rain associated with it. we are finally see some rain moving east. and that storm will continue to move off toward the east. another boundary back to the west. this one has a lot of thunderstorm activity. that is yet another front. i'll tell you what, both these fronds will mean to us in the next couple days and what's coming up f this weekend. >>> thanks, doug. there have been two violent robberies on capitol hill in just the past couple weeks, while police are investigating if these crimes are linked, another robbery is coming forward. jackie bensen is in, where jac
. doug kammerer down at nationals park enjoying it all. doug? >> that's why they call them the boys of fall. out here right now, a beautiful, beautiful night for baseball. we're talking about temperatures in the low 70s. getting into the upper 60s, probably during the game tonight. it will be a little bit of a chill. once again, as it has been the last couple of days. as you look at temperatures, we're currently sitting at the 74-degree mark. that's where we're going to be for the next hour or so. temperatures slowly falling into the upper 60s. winds right now out of the southeast at about 9 miles an hour. the temperatures around the rest of the region, currently sitting in the 70s across much of the area. we're starting to see some areas get down into the upper 60s. temperatures 72 at gaithersburg. through the rest of tonight and early tomorrow, to southeast d.c., looking at temperatures falling down to about 65 at 11:00. temperatures tomorrow morning about 59 degrees. yes, the cool air is here. and so are we. we'll be here throughout the game. can't wait. >> coming up, approaching
while you can, because there are some changes coming this week. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer has more on what we can expect. hey, doug. >> hi, doreen. this evening you'll probably need a jacket as you step out, over the next couple of days, it may be the umbrellas you could be needing. 68 degrees right now, with winds out of the west at about 3 miles per hour. 64 in gaithersburg. 64 in winchester. still 70 in culpepper, the warm spot. temperatures today about as cool as they've been since late april. how about that. some very cool air. no rain out there right now. but that's going to be changing over the next couple of days. we're going to have a frontal boundary drape right across our region wednesday, thursday into friday, and i think we have a good chance of seeing rain just about all of the end of the week. this evening, thinking about heading out and about, maybe toward damascus into portions of montgomery county, looking very good for you folks. 63 degrees. sun going down just before 7:00. waking up to a very cool 42. get the jackets out and be ready. >>> coming up, a h
an eye on severe storms moving through our region right now. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the radar. doug, what's going on? >> we're watching the severe storms just off to the west now, entering portions of fauquier county and close to loudoun county. one down to shenandoah county, frederick county, virginia, very close to the winchester area, and this storm coming through front royal right now, a lot of lightning, and one more storm up here just to the north. this storm we're going to watch very closely. northern fauquier county right now. it's about to enter loudoun county. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a severe thunderstorm warning put in with that county, too. it goes until 6:30 this evening. we continue to watch for these storms. more showers and a few thunderstorms up into portions of the panhandle of west virginia and also through frederick county, maryland. watch what happens when we widen out. this is part of a bigger storm system that is spinning here and will continue to spin through the region. so i think just about everybody is going to see a
outside right now. there are going to be some changes to our weather this weekend, however. doug kammerer has more on the conditions out there right now. >> doreen, we're talking about some major changes. how about temperatures going up by about five to ten degrees tomorrow. and then coming down some 20 degrees during the day on sunday. yeah, we've got some changes in there for sure. 77 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south right now at 12 miles per hour. as far as the rest of the region is concerned, a very nice evening. tonight's beautiful. 75 in gaithersburg, 79 in culpepper, and 78 in fredericksburg. we do have some rain back towards the west. so no rain for us this evening. but back to the west, we're watching some showers and possible thunderstorms for the day tomorrow. some of those could be strong. possibly severe. we'll talk about the storm chances, plus talk about just how cold things are going to get. the heat may be coming on in the next couple of days. >> oh, my. thank you, doug. >>> postseason baseball is returning to the district for the first time in nearly 80 yea
doug hill joins us with a look at what we can expect. >> more widespread showers and storms tomorrow, but right now warm and muggy. some showers downpours well to the southwest, the roanoke valley charlotte into the piedmont area, and this warm and humid air. a few showers just east the eastern shore. there will be isolated showers tonight. it is warm and muggy. with the humidity and the dew points it feels more, mike is 93 right now in washington. it is like 91 in baltimore. a a few thundershowers. temperatures dropping into the 70's. the possibility of a few showers and warm and muggy conditions. overnight, we will remain in the 70's. we will check this out for you more in a couple of minutes. >> sunday night's downpour was the fourth time a neighborhood in northwest washington has flooded this year. according to the water authority, the storm dumped about 3 inches in 90 minutes and there is little they can do because it some other recent storms have been the biggest in years, and the system simply cannot get the water out quickly enough. >> and it d.c. taxicab devices to streamli
close. but doug schoen, now he's a pollster with 35 years of experience says we're doing the voters a major disservice by focusing on those polls. he says there's something missing. we'll have the full story for you, it will be one of our new at ten stories and doug will join us to talk about it, with us the full hour at ten o'clock. president obama continues to double down on green energy. smith electric received 32 million dollars of taxpayer grants to build a battery powered vehicle factory in kansas city. here is president obama visiting that plant in 2010. >> one of those decisions was to provide critical funding to promising innovative businesses like smith electric vehicles. and because we did, there's a thriving enterprise here instead of an empty, darkened warehouse. because of the grant that went to this company, we can hear the sounds of machines humming and people doing their work instead of just the ghostly silence of an emptied out building and the memory of workers who were laid off a long time ago. stuart: hold on, hold your horses. the president could have another s
? big changes could be on the way. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here with more. >> and guys, with this next round, it will not be a flooding situation, that's good news, but could mean damaging winds. out there right now a gorgeous evening, a bit on the humid side. it's going to stay warm and humid, but it's a little more comfortable as the sun goes down. to not around the metro area now, but that will change tomorrow. take a look at the thunderstorms ba to the west. numerous thunderstorms watching from pittsburgh all the way back down into portions of oklahoma. this is a big line of severe weather. we could see some of that severe weather on our doorstep tomorrow afternoon. when, in my forecast. >>> thank you, do you doug. school is out for the superintendent. today was the last day on the job for superintendent bill hite, the school board earlier granted his request. he was already named interim superintendent. he has experience working in school districts in d.c., arlington, chicago and boston. >> several schools in our region are among the best in the nation
attorney general doug gan her. >> i do have i.d. >> reporter: can you show it. >> the problem is mike has a badge attached to it. >> reporter: can you arrest people? i gil arguably. this is my i.d. >> reporter: can yvette louis -- >> they will not let you in without one of these. i am who i am. i carry my driver's license. >> and it's a maryland license. >> reporter: is this really congressman jerry connelly. >> can you prove you're jerry conley can an i.d. card? >> i can. that's your congressional badge. >> just in case someone like you asks. >> reporter: though privacy advocates question extreme security efforts, but putting up with security at big events is a given. >> reporter: just a part of modern life? >> there's a lot of security here and events like this. charlotte hasn't had a convention like this before, but so far they seem to have done a very long job and are taking is very seriously. of course, security, very serious, but jim, it seems like every time i show the credentials, i feel a piece of freedom slipping away? >> reporter: i don't know that most of others feel the same
it, though, that's the big question. for doug, he's in storm center4. >> it can at least go on another couple of days. it will most likely go on right through the weekend. we are seeing perfect, perfect, perfect weather. take a look outside right now. 80 degrees the current temperature out there. low humidity. abundant sunshine. bright blue skies. it just does not get better than this in the middle of september. 81 right now in leesburg. and 80 down towards fredericksburg. you can see the frontal boundary out west. that will move through the region tomorrow. i will show you what that means for your weekend coming up. if you're thinking about heading over towards annapolis this evening, it's going to be beautiful down there along the bay, or along the river. coming in at 76 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 62 when you wake up tomorrow morning around annapolis. a big chance of rain in the forecast. i'll show you when. >> thanks, doug. >>> when we come right back, remembering a pioneer. political leaders, dignitaries and the public honor the first man to walk on the moon. >>> plus a scam t
they play, we could see bad weather. doug kammerer joins us with that. >> i think that game tomorrow at 1:00, i think the storms, if we do get any, will come after the game. but there is an after-game concert that we are a little bit worried about. we'll talk about that a little bit later. 79 degrees right now, with sunshine. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. it is a gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon. 81 in leesburg. 80 right now in fredericksburg. 76 along the chesapeake out there towards annapolis. radar showing clear skies here. look back to the west. showers and thunderstorms moving through portions of the ohio river valley and around the chicago land area. we are going to see that area of precipitation move towards us during the day tomorrow. and yes, we could see strong to severe storms. let's go down to northern prince william county today. right along i-66, gainesville area, manassas, middleburg, loudoun county, about 75 degrees. a beautiful evening. tomorrow morning, waking up to a temperature of around 60. so not quite as cool tomorrow. but boy, does it get cold in the next
day for a while. doug knew it, so he went outside. he is monitoring clouds and rain moving in. doug? >> yeah, monitoring those right now. >> sure you are. >> there they go right now, the clouds. and yes, there is some rain associated with the cloud. but it's well down to the south and west. we are watching a little bit of a system down to the southwest. we'll get do that in just a second. first off, it is another gorgeous afternoon right now. the wind, however, fibbing up out of the south about 13. but gusting upwards of 20. 76 degrees the current temperature out this. so nice and mild. 73 in leesburg. 75 in culpepper. 75 as well towards fredericksburg. temperatures will be a lot warmer over the next 24 hours than they have been the last 24 hours. but notice all the rain on the radar. some of it trying to work its way in here right now. i'll show you when we see the best chance for rain over the next couple of days. say goodbye to the sunshine. we won't see nearly as much sunshine as we've seen in the past few days. my complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all righty. >>>
of us are in for a rainy friday night. >> yeah, the clouds are kicking up there, doug kammerer. >> just about everybody seeing the clouds right now. some of us are seeing rain. those of you who are seeing rain now, may just see it for the rest of the night tonight. but to the north of washington, not a whole lot going on. 76 degrees the current temperature out there, with the cloudy skies. winds out of the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. a nice mild evening for some. rainy for others. you see where this rain is. north of washington, in through montgomery county, howard county, northern arundel, mostly dry, even back to frederick county, maryland. but down to the south, this is where we're seeing rain. like charles county, prince george's county, northern virginia, prince william and out towards fauquier and down around the fredericksburg area and back towards loray. there is more rain to come. we could be seeing quite a bit in terms of rainy conditions throughout the evening. i'll show you who gets what tonight and what to expect for your weekend. >> all righty. >>> two high ranki
with doug blink brinkley, the historian to look at this broad notion. it seems to me ronald reagan benefited later in his term and his second term from his economic decision making. you might argue bill clinton benefited from george herbert walker bush's decision making. there's always a time lag. can anybody honestly blame a president for the economic conditions in hiswhen do you be assess the effectiveness of the new policies as opposed to the policies he inherited? >> well, i think that moment usually comes when those presidents try to get re-elected. there's no way anybody can say we're worse off now than we were four years ago, as you have just delineated, chris. i mean, the country was going down the drain, people were talking about a great depression, there was a fear of stock market collapse. people were hoarding money. it's all changed, and the stimulus was a big part of it. the question that's fair to ask is did president obama do enough? he definitely did a lot, and it will get down i think to history going back should that have been the krugman thesis, a double stimulus, or did h
a special rave award for special service, and to make that presentation i would like to ask principal doug dent to please make the presentation. >> thank you superintendent carranza. benjamin morrow came to this middle school the year after i arrived and if we had been successful to a large extent it's because of people like him. he is a counselor, parexcellence and it is a pleasure that i have to introduce to you mr. benjamin rambrow. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. i know how many dynamic dedicated educators there are in this district so i am extremely honored to receive this. i am really proud of all the work and the significant progress we have made over the last few years and i think that is attributed to outstanding leadership so i want to thank my principal, my friend, doug bent and thank you very much. this means a lot to me. [applause] >> thank you for both of you coming in and being recognized. it's a great privilege and i was actually a teacher at horght thon it was called prior to you getting there, so let's see. we have another resolution here, and a comond
-old woman stabbed to death in her home. living next to the man who turned are to be her killer. doug hill. north of the area, heavy thunderstorms trekking in. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not betteoff under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty housand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. northth american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney now they're running dishonest ads. why? becae voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for o
. >> now, to wther tonight, some areas still seeing rain. doug ram ron lets us know what's in store for the weeke. >> we'll call it half and half. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies and some rain. especially down in through here. you have been in the rain throughout the last few hours. same thing back toward the west. back towards fredericksburg and the culpepper region. that's not the only thing moving in. this rain will move out. but something else will move in bhind it. for the weekend, i'll show you just what that is. >> a man wanted for three sexual assaults may be behind more attacks. police say he may be linked to as many as six attack. just last weekend, a woman reported a suspicious man peering into parmts in german town. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it that this arrogantlile tw irkir doesn't get a way with it. >> pliolice are looking for two men who used pepper spray. fair fax county police are searching for a man who struck at least seven times since june. police say he poses as a maintenance work ir to get into the billings and steals wallets and
, a federal judge has ruled in his favor. what? and elizabeth macdonald and doug schoen are on their way in to talk about the latest example of taxpayer outrage. come on in. ♪ dude looks like a lady ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, dudes looks like a lady ♪ >> a federal judge now says taxpayers in massachusetts will have to pay for a sex change operation for a convicted murderer. in 1990, robert koslick strangled his wife and convicted three years later and shortly after that legally changed his name to michelle and began dressing as a woman in the all-male prison and now the judge ruled the state has to pay for his sex change operation and doctors say it's needed to treat his gender identity disorder. liz belizabet elizabeth. >> a man reportedly strangled his wife and dumped her like a bag of rubbish and the judge says it's cruel and unusual punishment, the judge says the doctors are afraid of backlash and criticism. remarkable. stuart: so we must pay for the sex change oranges it's medically necessary, it's not cosmetic surgery it's medically necessary. >> i could say a face lift is medically
the two spent the weekend trading jabs over jobs and medicare. doug luzader is live with more details. good morning, doug. >> good morning. for the president and mitt romney campaign schedules are filling up. as usual we talk about the same states being in the cross hairs florida and ohio especially. this is something you don't see every day the president hoisted in the air by a burl ly and som what enthusiastic pizza shop owner. he tried to get up and personal with as many voters as possible in the sunshine state. >> it was like two plus one equals 5. they couldn't answer questions about how they pay for for $5 trillion in in tax cuts and 2 trillion in defense spending without raising taxes on the middle class. >> there is something the president agrees with. thinks he got a small but noticeable bounce in the polls. gallup tracking poll puts him 5 point ahead of romney. 9 next event the debate. he continues to hit the president on the economy. especially after the ground of lackluster jobs numbers that came out on friday. he makes headlines yesterday saying there are aspects of the p
are still cleaning up after the flooding. we really do not need more. >> that is true. doug hill is in the weather center. >> especially tomorrow and then tomorrow night, we do not need more of it. let's go to our storm scan. showers across the mid-atlantic. a warm front moving in. maybe some remnants left over from is it. it is a soupy mess out there. that will be the story through the evening. but check out these temperatures. 88 at reagan national airport, but when you factor in the humidity it feels like 95. isolated showers and thunderstorms hours through the evening. more for you coming up. >> remember, you can get this information, including a look at the radar, any time on line. and also with the back for your -- the app for your iphone or android. and the fourth time this year one neighborhood has flooded, and it is really just as bad each time. they have not been offered much in terms of good news. we have more with suzanne tonight. >> take a look behind me. you can see the anxiety being felt here. sandbags at the doorstep of this brownstone. d.c. water says there is n
, with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, it was a long speech. that is what we have come to expect with former president clinton. there was last minute drama. but he pretty much stuck to his script and made the case for president obama. in fact, as he wrapped up, president obama emerged on stage, there, at the convention, thanking him for the endorsement. the clinton speech touched on the economy and his reasoning for why the recovery has taken so long. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully prepared all the damage that he found in just four years. >> he stressed the need to work across the party lines but that sentiment came with tart dan attacks, too, going after republicans who held their convention last week in florida. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president's re-election, was, actually, pregnancy syma -- simple and snappy: we left him a total mess, he has not cleaned it up fast enough to fire us and put us back in. >> presiden
the sweatshirt out when i got up. >> oh, yeah. you had to shed it, though, this afternoon. doug kammerer is going to give us our first check. how hot did we get today? >> 80 degrees, the highest i've seen so far. and that is just a perfect, perfect day across the washington, d.c., metro area. temperatures out there right now of 80. dew point of 52. humidity only 38%. and winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. not a cloud in the sky. and take a look at the numbers around the region, 79 in gaithersburg, 80 to the south in fredericksburg. the cool spot, 76 down there towards the river. this is going to be very similar to what we've been the last few nights. let's head to my hometown, out towards herndon high school in downtown herndon. 67 by 11:00. it will be another cool start to your day. and then another great one in store. will the weekend hold out? i'll show you that in just a minute. >> all righty. >>> we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00. bigger and better, the next generation iphone hits the market. but is it worth making that upgrade? after the break we have a tech expert to bre
to the weather, some of us were talking about the heavy rain. pretty soon the comfort will turn to the heat. doug, what about it? >> a lot of people talking about that heat. look at the temperatures. they don't look all that bad. the dew point is at 75. that is incredible as far as the moisture that is out there. something sells we have seen, the shower activity. we have do have a few showers. most of them have been through portions of southern maryland, but new storms developing now. these are down around culpepper, and there is actually a bit of line performing, this is another storm making its way towards andrews. right now most of these are fairly weak. i expect more develop as we move through the even south and east of the washington area. look back towards the west. we have one frontal boundary. this front will bring more heat and another chance of showers and storms. i'll show you who sees the best of -- and how hot we'll get. >>> the weather in charlotte, north carolina causing changes at the dnc. just a few hours ago, convention organizers announced they're moving president obama's speec
. the rain has rolled on out tonight, but we may still have some storms. meteorologist doug kammerer has a look at conditions right notice. >> jim, just stepped outside. a bit on the humid side. with the breeze that started to kick up, it's a very pleasant evening. currently sitting at 82 degrees, at dew point 71. winds out of the south at about 10 miles per hour. that heat index still in the mid to upper 80s. as we move through the rest of the evening looking very nice. >> you can see just how much rain has come through parts of the area. parts of northern virginia, now some showers activity back towards the west into west virginia, that is about it, though. we will stay dry the rest of the night. we'll see a chance for severe weather, plus two hurricanes in the atlantic. we'll talk about it. >>> thank you, doug. a year after the floods from topical storm lee, some people are still struggling to recover from the damage. it caused near-record rainfall weeks after irene swamped homes and businesses. tony tull has more. >> yeah, doreen for a small business it's not easy to overcome a big s
the finger after she's dead? >> dr. phil: well, joining us are rebecca's sister, mary, her husband, doug and their attorney, ann brimnor. thanks for being here. you've been listening to the show so far. what did you want to say? >> if someone held my sister responsible, i wish they talked to her, took her to trial, anything but killed her. i believe both the cases should be open. i think opening both the cases will reveal a lot of things that is very unclear. for some reason, apparently in that household, gravity doesn't apply. center of gravity, you know, supposedly hurled herself over a balcony that comes above her child with her hands bound behind her back. her feet are bound. she's buck naked. she has a t-shirt stuffed in her mouth and a string around her neck. how does that happen? >> dr. phil: and your point, just so everybody knows because we've been talking about whether this was an accidental fall with max or not, to remind everybody, what you just described, you do not believe that your sister committed suicide. >> no. >> dr. phil: you believe that someone killed her. >> yes. >
. no one was injured. >>> we're seeing signs of storms brewing out there. >> doug kammerer has his eyes on the skies in the storm center. >> already watching the storms back to the west. a severe thunderstorm warning, not in the district just yet, but i do think they're going to come close to our area throughout the rest of the evening. shenandoah county, page county, warren county, this will head to front royal in the next half hour to an hour. this is around the woodstock area and shenandoah county. this's a few other storms up towards winchester, along i-81. you notice where the actual storm is to the north. and the trailing boundary, that is going to make its way through our region, throughout the rest of the evening hours. i do expect to see more thunderstorms. i'll let you know who has the best chance of seeing those storms tonight, and what are our chances over the next couple of days. >> doug, thank you. >>> president obama and mitt romney go head-to-head in virginia today. in springfield governor romney criticized the defense on defense cuts. today he talked about specific alte
here for a couple of days and fall moves in back week. >> thank you, doug. >>> still to come, going to college from the comfort of your home and it is free. a local college is reaching out for a night class and continuing their education. >>> plus, the daddy/daughter photos that have struck a chord with thousands of people around the world. >>> how two brothers are using their foom family to help deal with loss. coming up later at 6:00, iran's plane is in our region. we'll get ans >>> a nice story tonight. >> this is an incredible story. the last two years have been very tough for rafael and ra feek douglas, the two high school football players, lost both their mother and father. they leaned on school football and friends at school to get through. >> he wasn't really strict, but he was on us. he wanted us to be a better man than he was. >> me being in the middle, i always butted heads with my dad. but he was tough on me. and he tried to instill -- he tried to instill the fact he wanted me to are better than he was. >> reporter: one of the greatest lessons of all is that life isn't f
of wednesday's face-off in denver. one of three that have the potential to alter the court of history. doug brinkley is joining me now, doug, good to see you thank you for joining us. is this a do no harm debate in or does each candidate have something to prove on wednesday? >> barack obama he and hiss choice would haven't the debate. after all today's polls are up nine points in ohio. it looks like these debates are just the rapids the president has to go through. if he didn't have them, it would be fair sailing. so for mitt romney, these debates are essential. he's going to have to show that he's presidential. so far when he went to the olympic and maybe gaffed and he stumbled with that 44%. they're not sure they can live with the guy for four years so mitt romney has to really be the one that comes out the winner. he's got to score. >> there was a time between the famous kennedy-nixon tapes that there were no televised debates. why are they considered so vital now? >> well, the kennedy-nixon debates created so much attention in 1960. many people think that's why ted kennedy won. if you r
that there will be a higher democratic percentage of the electorate in 2012 than there was in 2008. martha: doug schoen, former pollster to president bill clinton. monica crowley, radio talk show host. both fox news contributors. good to have you this morning. hi, there. is that true, doug? i mean that they're skewing, that they're showing higher turnout, those polls are assuming a higher democratic turnout now than in '08 when we know it was huge? >> yes, that is correct. that is part of the story and only part of the story. martha: okay. >> the obama lead is a real one. it is not a lead that would disappear if the polls were weighted in a slightly different direction. but that being said, in the state of ohio, for example, where they have a plus 8 democratic skew, in 2004 it, was a plus 5 republican skew. now i don't expect that we're going to go back as far as we did in '04, martha, but i do think that a 3, 4, 5, point democratic bulk would be right, that means the obama lead woo come down 3, 4, 5 points. there is some bias. obama is still ahead nonetheless. martha: lots to talk about here. monica,
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